April 20, 2014

What is Go Daddy’s Virtual DataCenter?

With Go Daddy’s Virtual DataCenter, you can create a, well, VIRTUAL data center with multiple servers working together. This “cloud” hosting option lets you dynamically grow or shrink your environment as needed. You have complete control over the number of servers you use and their configuration. When you purchase a Virtual DataCenter, you actually provision servers in Go Daddy’s data centers according to your preferences, including adding load balancers, multiple networks, and creating templates. To the end-user, your Virtual DataCenter appears as one machine with one public IP address. That is, end-users can see only your network routing instance, and your actual network is private. By adding a load balancer and/or port-forwarding rules, you control how Internet traffic is distributed among your servers.

Virtual DataCenter supports the following operating systems:

Ubuntu 10.4

CentOS 5.6

Fedora 13

Fedora 14

You cannot install your own operating system.