April 16, 2014

How to Change Your Domain Name’s Admin Email Address When You’re Transferring Domains to Go Daddy

Before you initiate a domain name transfer to Go Daddy, the administrative (admin) contact for your domain name must have a valid email address. Having a valid admin email address is important because both registrars (your current registrar and Go Daddy) use it to send you information about the transfer, such as your transfer IDs and authorization code (if required).

To Verify and Change Your Admin Email Address: 

To verify the accuracy of your admin email address, check the Whois database by pointing your browser to http://who.godaddy.com/whoischeck.aspx and typing in your domain name.

To change your admin email address, contact your current registrar.

If your domain name has private registration, you cannot verify your admin email address in the Whois database. You must contact your current registrar to cancel the private registration, and then you can change the email address, if necessary.

If you change your admin email address at your current registrar, it can take up to 48 hours to display in the Whois database. After it’s displayed, you can resend the transfer IDs to the updated admin email address.

Details about your business such as registration number, incorporation or registration agent, and any relevant jurisdiction information.

If you host on a dedicated server or with another provider, have the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) from the server where the certificate will be installed.

Follow these instructions for filing your request:

Visit the Go Daddy Web site and buy a Premium SSL credit.

Once your purchase is completed, log in to your Go Daddy Account Manager.

From My Products, click SSL Certificates.

Click Use Credit for the Premium EV SSL credit you want to activate.

From Set up New Certificate on the right, select the credit you want to use, and then click Continue.

The newly activated credit is displayed as New Certificate. If you don’t see it, wait a minute and then refresh your browser.

Click Manage Certificate for the Premium EV SSL you just activated.

If this is your first certificate, you must agree to the Subscriber Agreement.

Click the Credits folder.

Click Request Certificate next to the certificate you want to activate.

Select your Business Type.

Select the appropriate hosting type for your certificate:

If you host your Web site in the same account, select Web Hosting, Grid Hosting, WebSite Tonight, Quick Shopping Cart or Dream Web Site and select your domain from a list.

If you host your Web site on a dedicated server or with another provider, select Third Party or Dedicated Server or Virtual Dedicated Server without Simple Control Panel and enter the CSR in the field provided.

Choose your preference for the certificate issuing organization.

Click Next.

Complete the remaining steps by filling in the requested information.


A Go Daddy EV specialist will review your application and help you submit additional documents. Depending on your business type, a combination of the following documents might be required:


Certificate request signed by certificate requestor and certificate approver

Signed subscriber agreement for all initial requests and changes to authorized signer

Notarized personal statement attestation (for non-LLC or Inc. businesses)

Notarized face-to-face attestation statement (for non-LLC or Inc. businesses)

Notarized copy of the photo ID used for identity validation (for non-LLC or Inc. businesses)

Verified legal opinion or certified public accountant letter, depending on results from other validation methods