April 18, 2014

Finding Your Call-in PIN for Contacting Go Daddy Support

If you ever tried calling Go Daddy’s Customer Support, you probably know that the representative who gets on the horn will ask you for your four-digit PIN, which he or she needs in order to be able to access your account and assist you with whatever problem you have. Specifically, this four-digit PIN validates support representatives’ access to your account, so they can discuss account-specific details with you.

If you’re calling Go Daddy a lot, you might have memorized your PIN, but for most other people, it’s generally the most convenient to look it up before you call.

Here’s how to find your Go Daddy PIN:

Go to the Go Daddy site and log in to your Account Manager.

From the My Account section, click Account Settings.

Click Account Security Information.

Your Call-in PIN is displayed in the column to the right. (You can also click on the PIN: **** on the My Account tab to get to this page.)

If you want to update your PIN, simply complete the required field, enter the new PIN and click Save Changes.